Wednesday 16 November 2022

The Wednesday Poem and music and culture round up 16th November 2022

Before lockdown, we were regularly posting a Wednesday poem, and a round up of upcoming local music and cultural events. With lockdown, this ground to a halt and fell off the radar. 

As my band, The False Dots are playing at The Dublin Castle in Camden Town next Wednesday (get your tickets here) we thought we'd restart the feature. 

Let's start with a poem (actually it's a song, specially written for our forthcoming gig, check out the video below).

Dublins Finest Castle 

Worked down in Camden on Delancy Street

I’d nip down the café for a cup of tea

Down the canal to the Engineer

A game of pool and a pint of beer.

Sometimes we’d drink down the old Bucks head

But we love music, so you know where we’d head, yeah

We always put a shilling in the old juke box

I’d bump into Rambo and his mate Tony Cox

There were nutty’s and punks, you’d see the odd skinhead

One time we gut drunk with a Cornish Ted

Sometimes  see Madness and want to say hi

But we were just kids we were much too shy, No!


The Dublin Castle, it just hasn’t changed, nothing else round there is quite the same

Madness to Amy, they’ve all been here, for just a few quid and a pint of beer                    

Dublins finest castle in Camden Town If you love your music come on down

The Guiness is good the bands are great get down early it starts at 8!


Sta press strides a Ben Sherman Shirt

A new pair of DM’s God they hurt

A white Fred Perry and a Harrington Jacket

Spend all the cash in your weekly wage packet


Christmas at the Castle, the Pogues are blaring out

The Guinness here is gorgeous and your a lovely crowd

Things get lively around quarter to ten

Better get a round in as the bands on then

London’s at it’s best with a band and beer

And there’s absolutely no where better than here


Forthcoming events.

The Arts Depot have launched their Spring program. Details here

There are some amazing films coming up at the Phoenix Cinema, here is our pick

This looks good for all you classical music lovers
And this....

And finally....

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