Saturday 19 November 2022

The Saturday list #386 - Ten signs you are getting old

 I've had one of those weeks, you know, where you suddenly feel rather old. So I thought I'd celebrate this by making a list of ten surefire signs that you are not that young, virile, athletic person you used to be. I'm Ok with getting old. I get a bus pass, so it saves me a fortune and I've not entirely fallen to bits!

Anyway, I thought this warrented a list

1. When you are chatting to someone and you realise that the Policemen's grandparents look rather young

2. When you are looking up the first album you bought on Wikipedia and you learn it was released over 50 years ago

3. When you stumble across the Facebook profile of the first girl you ever kissed and see shes celebrating the 10th anniversary of retiring.

4. When you find your old football boots and realise that you last played 11 a side football in a different century.

5. When you try and explain what an 8 track car stereo was to a 20 year old.

6. When you are showing someone your beloved 1982 Stratocaster guitar that you bought from new and you get told that it must be great to be able to afford a vintage guitar.

7. When you go are invited out by the son of your former business partner for a a beer to "remember Dad on what would have been his 75th birthday" and realise he passed away over 20 years ago. 

8. When you are told that you are a great asset to the quiz team because you know all the music that pensioners like.

9. When you watch yourself playing five a side football on a video and realise that supertankers turn more quickly.

10. When you wake up all bright eye'd, bushy tailed, ready to take on the world, then move. 

The one upside is I have more time to write music now. Here's one of my recent compositions. You can see my band, The False Dots on Weds 23rd November at The Dublin Castle in Camden Town. This song has become a legend in the HA8 postcode! You can hear us play it live. What better way to spend a wet Wednesday in November!

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