Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Apologies to Councillor Robert Rams

The Barnet Eye makes mistakes. When we do, we like to do two things. We like to apologise for our errors and we like to set the record straight.

Earlier this week, we published a picture of Councillor Robert Rams, which we took from his website in 2009. It had no copyright notice and Cllr Rams never complained about it's use. Today, I was contacted by the husband of a lady also featured in the picture. He asked for the picture to be removed. He mentioned that the picture had been taken at a charity event for the Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade. Whilst this was not clear from the picture, it occurred to me that if someone used a picture of my wife, taken at an event supporting a local charity, to lampoon a local politician, I'd be a bit fed up.

As such it was most appropriate to take the picture down. Whilst there are many things which I'd happily rib Councillor Rams about, I think his work for the organisation is commendable, as are all local charity volunteers. I trust all parties accept my apology. I'd urge anyone who has some free time on their hands to support all such local charities, which seek to offer local young people a positive outlet for their energy.


Mr Mustard said...

Very honourable of you Roger. I have just used one of Robert's pictures ( a blogger's habit it would seem ) and Robert has asked for his twitter account to be credited which I have done. You can have some fun with the replacement picture although it is linked with some sadness.

Morris Hickey said...

Your action and apology is highly commendable Roger.

Whatever good Cllr Rams may do by charitable work is in my view negated by his bullying and hectoring attitude towards somebody whom he does not even know, and his lackyish behaviour on behalf of at least one cowardly individual whom he serves at City Hall. Perhaps they are two of a kind.