Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mill Hill Special - Transport links, pubs and restaurants details and bank opening times

When I started the Barnet Eye blog, I made a decision that I wouldn't use it to push my business interests. I set up a separate blog for this and a separate twitter account. I do occasionally cross post things, which I genuinely believe are of wider community interest. What you won't see here is a blog saying "come to my studios, they're great" as that isn't what the point of the Barnet Eye blog is.

There are occasions however when there is something which I think has a wider reason to publicise than for just narrow commercial reasons and I do mention these. Today is one such occasion. I have employed a talented website designer to revamp my studio website and they have added a couple of really useful pages, which I think are very useful to anyone who lives in Mill Hill. These are highly useful pages

First there is a comprehensive list of details for restaurants, banks, pubs and shops with links for opening times, telephone numbers etc -

The other interesting page is one which is designed for studio users, but would be really helpful for anyone who lives in Mill Hill and uses public transport. This is a directory of all bus timetables and links for travel updates for the trains for Mill Hill -

I hope these links are of some use to all of you who live in Mill Hill. Can I be so bold as to suggest every High Street should have a couple of pages like this. Well done to my web designer, this impressed me. Sometimes the simplest things are the most useful

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