Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fight back against Rip Off Barnet - North Finchley Traders to protest against Parking Charges - Monday 6th at 10 am

If you care about the impact of the ludicrous parking charges in Barnet and the abolition of Pay and Display parking, please be at Cafe Buzz in North Finchley  on Monday morning at 10am. Local traders are conducting a funeral services for the local High Street, officiated over by Brian Coleman (clearly this role is being played by an actor, as Coleman never takes responsibility for his own cock ups).

Please attend if you can. The protest has been organised by North Finchley trader Helen Michael.

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Morris Hickey said...

Oi! "Rip off" is a label that I coined a year or so ago about Redbridge. But you are welcome to use it as they're all trying to rip us off with the same kinds of scheme.

Good luck tomorrow - I hope the "stand in" Bwian doesn't get lynched in mistake for the weal one.