Thursday, 16 February 2012

Barnet Council - Legal bullies of the year, strike again and cock up again

I got a phonecall last night from highly respected journalist Kate Belgrave. Kate has written for publications such as the Guardian and the New Statesman and has built a reputation for honesty, integrity and plain speaking. If I was in the trenches, Kate is the person I'd want next to me watching my back. When Barnet Council tried to intimadate me recently, Kate was the person who was first to call and who gave me the number of a top lawyer who put my mind to rest. Kate also put up a blog in support of me, for which I'll be eternally grateful.

Well guess what? The stupid dorks of Barnet Council decided to have a pop at Kate. The legal department threatened her with legal action if she didn't remove the offending document from her website. Only one trouble, Kate hadn't actually published it. She'd just mentioned that it had been published on a Russian website. The lazy sods hadn't even bothered to check it out. All that had happened was that they'd read another blog which said she had.

If I was Kate, I'd have a word with a friendly brief as I am pretty sure this could be construed as harrassment.

These are the lawyers overseeing a billion pounds worth of outsourcing in the One Barnet project. Lord help us

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You, sir, are the King xx