Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Trouble with Paul

One of the things we like to do at this blog, is highlight other people in the area writing interesting blogs. I'm pleased to see that an old friend of mine, Paul David Hogan has started writing a new blog, dedicated to his poetry. Paul is a good friend of mine and I thoroughly recommend it. Here is the latest example of his work - You can check more out at  - - and in this entry, he pretty much sums up how I feel about life. What is interesting is that in times of cuts and hardship, creativity blossoms. Barnet is seeing a boom of people doing great things in the arts. Another thing worth checking out is the website for Charles Hondericks film A Tale of Two Barnets


I don’t know for certain, what our origins are.
Of course I know, without a shadow of doubt,
that man builds houses
and invented the motor car
and is responsible for amazing advancements,
in the field of science.

But I look into the sky at night
and can be certain beyond sure,
no man past or present,
had anything to do with that.
He didn’t carve out the mountains with his JCB.
Nor did he fill up the seas, by turning on a tap.

One man will argue for the existence of God
and another will stand against him.
Whilst I believe in something more powerful than man,
I’m safe in my acceptance
that certain things are mysteries,
for which I loosely use the word, ‘God’.

For me, the unbending atheist and the religious nut,
are the dogs chasing tails.
God may not be a man with a big white beard.
Nor is he the bespectacled boffin in a lab.
I don’t need all the answers.
Because with all the answers, I’d have no imagination.

© Paul David Hogan 2012


baarnett said...

I'm afraid I see no reason to believe "in something more powerful than man" (not even Barnet Cabinet).

But, as people have pointed out, our consciousness and level of intelligence have evolved only to match the challenges of our environment.

That may not be sufficient to ever understand the universe, whether it's "nonperturbative quantization of diffeomorphism-invariant gauge theory", or a pimple on the back of a giant elephant.

On the other hand, there is serendipity - something may turn up.

Paul D. Hogan said...

Thank you Roger. Glad it connected with you and I appreciate the support.