Friday, 3 February 2012

Thanks to Brian Coleman Mill Hill NW7 is in the top 20 UK Burglary hotspots

As this blog reported last week, our local GLA member (and the man responsible for the parking mayhem in Barnet) Brian Coleman stated that crime was down in Barnet and it's all down to his hard work (full story here - ). Imagine how surprised I was to read in the Sun that Mill Hill, where I live is in the top 20 burglary Hotspots.

Here is the image from the Sun's website
(full story here - )

Not only is Mill Hill number 20, Barnet is actually no 14. You can read the whole sorry tale here. What Coleman has to face up to is that if he wants to claim the success for good crime figures, he has to take the rap for the bad ones. As the freedom of information request published by this website in the story listed above shows Coleman has had no meetings with the Met police in Barnet to discuss these appalling figures, it is quite clear he must shoulder some of the blame for being so lazy. It really couldn't be more simple.

If I were Boris Johnson, I'd get shot of Coleman before his ineptitude completely derails his Mayoral bid in May.


baarnett said...

Rumours of Conservative Group moves against Brian are interesting. If they really have the nerve to do something, then they have a choice:

They can move in the short term, and try to help 'Boris 2012' from being tainted by the Coleman brand. But they cannot parachute someone else into the Barnet and Camden GLA constituency - they don't have the ability or the time to do that, do they? So it would only be a putsch within the borough group.

Or they can play it long, and, assuming Andrew two-houses Dismore is able to win at the GLA, only use the dagger on the steps of Hendon Town Hall when Brian is politically weakened already.

Which would you do?

baarnett said...

Brian's political assassination is one of the most famous scenes of a certain play, occurring in Act Three. After ignoring the bloggers as well as the Friern Barnet Summer Show Organising Committee's own premonitions, Brian comes to Barnet Town Hall.

The conspirators create a superficial motive for the assassination by means of a petition brought by the Barnet CPZ Campaign, pleading on behalf of his robbed constituents. As Brian, predictably, rejects the petition, Kate grazes Brian in the back of his neck, and the others follow in stabbing him; Richard is last. At this point, Brian utters the famous line "Et tu, Richard?" ( "You too, Richard?"). Shakespeare has him add, "Then fall, Brian," suggesting that Brian did not want to survive such treachery. The conspirators make clear that they committed this act for Barnet, not for their own purposes, and do not attempt to flee the scene.

After Brian's death, Richard delivers an oration defending his actions, and for the moment, the crowd is on his side. However, David Longstaff, with a subtle and eloquent speech over Brian's corpse — beginning with the much-quoted "Friends, Barnetians, Voters, lend me your ears; Mind you, my agent tried to get me in something better than this. It's a disgrace. I could have done Hamlet, you know. Oh yes!" — deftly turns public opinion against the assassins by manipulating the emotions of the common people.

In contrast to the rational tone of Richard's speech, David rouses the mob to drive the conspirators from Barnet. Amid the violence, the innocent blogger, Mrs Angry, is confused with the conspirator Maureen Braun, and is taken off-line by the mob, and cannot even twitter.

Curtain. Applause.

Mr Mustard said...

I was with you all the way Baarnett until you used the word Longstaff and then followed it with subtle and eloquent and at that moment I stopped believing you.

Morris Hickey said...

And I see that Woodford Green (in the Havering & Redbridge constituency) is above both Barnet and Mill Hill. The police borough commander for Redbridge wants to close the police station in that district - and not a public word of protest from the GLA member.

They all p*** in the same pot.

Mr Mustard said...

I used to think that when I visited my girlfriend in Streatham I was leaving a safe borough and entering into a crime hotspot. How wrong I was, the difference is marginal. Mind you 2 bullets were fired through the window of her block of flats which certainly isn't the norm in leafy High Barnet and a brick was thrown through the window with a note saying "give us our money" which is delightfully old fashioned. That particular tenant, who had a lot of men callers (nudge nudge wink wink) has now moved on.

Anonymous said...

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baarnett said...

Is there going to be a Friern Barnet Summer Show 2012?