Thursday, 2 February 2012

Guest Blog - Sheltered housing ?... Ha ha. dont make me laugh.

Guest blog by Barnet Sheltered Housing Victim
Hi Roger
Thought you might like to hear how the New Sheltered housing  Scheme is getting along.
Its been a year since we were informed in a meeting that big changes are coming with the promise of further meetings to keep us informed.
Well we have had a total of Zero meetings, not bloody one.No health and safety checks  around the scheme. I have had No smoke detector checks, No Pull cord checks. So I decided as a reasonable fit septuagenarian to sign a waver,so the part time warden does not have to call on me, not that anyone knew what time of day they were coming or how long they would be on site, like I said not too bad for me as a reasonable fit person, but for others a problem. Still we have the assist (lifeline) just pull the cord, and help will wing its way too you, No problem right ?sort off.
I live in a block of flats at Prospect Place.Last night 1st Feb at 22:00 hrs., after hearing a commotion down stairs, upon opening my front door a very ill elderly neighbour,had locked herself of out home, wearing no slippers and dressed in her night clothes, so we took her to the premises common room which is heated.
One of us then went back indoors to call assist by pulling the emergency cord, that's what's its for, isn't it? After what seemed ages, they answered, they were asked for an emergency warden to be sent, so they would get the spare set of keys, we were informed there were no longer any wardens, and that the elderly woman should not have gone out, with out her keys, and that we should call the ambulance service / Police / fire brigade, after a few choice words, informing them they had better do something about it, they said they would try, but it could take a while.
After about 15 mins. they called me back, saying according to our records she has a Key safe fitted to the street door, once again we had to point out that we do not or want to know the number, as they are for carers / meals on wheels to use, not next door neighbours.
In the end they contacted the mobile warden, and after half hour or so, she was safely back in doors.
We thought Assist had residents details including next of kin contact details, medical details,... maybe not. Sadly, all these cuts will end up with a preventable death, but why worry about that, we are only old people and we only pay £20 per week for the lifeline.
As for me, I have recoverd my front door keys from the temp warden and as I said signed a waver, because I would rather pass away, then have to rely on this bumbling local authority, which has self interest at heart.

Barnet Sheltered Housing Victim is a resident of Barnet Council Sheltered Housing accomodation and a good friend of this blog. They wrote this account so that the people of Barnet can understand exactly what the abolition of the Sheltered Housing On Site Warden scheme means to them and their neighbours. This budget cut policy predated the Coalition government and the budget cuts imposed as a result. It saved the council approx £400,000 per annum. 

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radfax said...

The Councils who are carrying out an unelected governments draconian wishes are also acting unconstitutionally by not representing the people who have elected them. It's about time these lands had some transparency, accountability and a justice system that was just. A majority of the People from these lands do not have any faith in this quango self elected government. There is no agreement with the People,therefore there is no contract.

Bryan Johnson said...

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