Saturday, 4 February 2012

Update on Guest Blog - Sheltered housing ?... Ha ha. dont make me laugh.

From Barnet Sheltered Housing Victim 


editorial note : This is a follow up to a guest blog from earlier this week - - detailing problems with the new "on call warden system", which replaced on site wardens in sheltered housing.   
Thought I would keep you informed of latest...

I understand that a investigation is taking place,and certain people have been called in to explain,
A letter has been received  from Assist (the company that manages the callout system), saying that they listened to the recordings of the calls and that they agree that procedure was not followed,
Cllr. Alison Moore has been in touch to confirm that this confirms many of her fears about the new service.
Will things change for the better for those that need it ?.....I do hope so.!
I have heard through the grapevine they are about to ....
But you know the Council ... a lot better then me ...
That's why Blogs like the Barnet Eye are very much needed..
Barnet Sheltered Housing Victim is a friend of the Barnet Eye blog and lives in local "sheltered housing". Guest Blogs are always welcome. We also welcome updates on issues which affect our community.

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