Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Barnet Council Workers Strike - Barnet Eye commentary

On Thursday Barnet council workers will be on strike in protest at the attack on their terms and conditions threatened by the One Barnet outsourcing program. I have been speaking to several Barnet Council workers, who took time to call me and thank me and the other Barnet bloggers for our support in the face of intimidation and threats to them during previous strike actions. It appears that the bloggers of Barnet have taught Mr Walkley and his cronies a harsh lesson and they have backed away from the intimidation and threats this time. The message has got through that the intimidation is counter productive. There have been no Stalinist Agitprop billboards from Walkley this time. In fact the message seems to be "go on strike if you like, we don't care".

I was intrigued by this sudden change of plan, the sudden relaxed attitude over the Ivory Towers of Barnet. Why on earth could this be? Then I noticed some rather interesting blog searches, using people associated with Barnet Councils names by some top recruitment companies  - http://www.theadeptway.com/what-we-do.php - http://www.aon.com/human-capital-consulting/default.jsp - to name but a couple. Also several late night hits from home computers on that very same persons name. Someone is doing their homework. They are very interested.

I wonder if someone has realised that the grass may be greener on the other side of the hill. It certainly will when the grass on this side of it has dried up, withered and died.

I someone on the lookout for a new job? Someone checking someone out? Who knows, anyway, one more thing. Thank you Bob.

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