Saturday, 18 February 2012

Barnet Councillor calls local blogger a stalker

I kid you not. Councillor Robert Ramsbottom (aka Little Bobby Sheepsjacksie) has accused Barnet Blogger Mrs Angry of being a stalker on his Twitter account.

Not only that but he claims she gives him the eye at Council meetings and even persues him around Brent Cross. Councillor Booby was sharing a bit of Banter with Labour Councillor Ross Houston when this shocking revealation was announced.

Having known Mrs Angry for many years, I must say I find this news quite shocking. Some internet research has thrown up this picture of Boooby with a "mystery blond" who may or may not be Mrs Angry. 

This is what Bobby said

she has always had a thing for me, she sits in committee meetings staring at me! No even stalks me at Brent x!

Now there may be many things which I don't know, but one thing I'm sure of is that whilst Bobby may fantasise about showing Mrs Angry his Thunderbird One, I don't think she'll be joining him in burning down any libraries anytime soon. Inb fact he may well find that he'll need the services of International Rescue by the time she's finished with him.


Mrs Angry said...

Yes, alright, it is me. I'm afraid i have been pretending a. to be a natural blonde and b. that I am a swivel eyed trot. In real life Robert and I share a mutual interest in dressing up as puppets and attending council meetings: no - he really is a puppet, operated by Brian Coleman's hand up

Mrs Angry said...

oh dear .. the back of his jacket.

Mr Mustard said...

I have been missing the fun as I was asleep.

Robert was in a funny mood yesterday, I think his little feet must have been hurting and he was probably suffering from rejection and denial as he was out cavassing and supposedly found no-one who votes for Ken. He is assuming that I do and I'm not telling as I try and restrict myself to finance and democracy at Barnet Council alone.

Anyway, to get to the point, Robert promised to stop canvassing if I stop blogging. It is a tempting idea but as the BBC say there are precious few doorstep conversions I won't stop and Robert can wear out the soles of his shoes and voters will carry on doing what they were going to do in the first place.

Morris Hickey said...

Are they all of one kind?

In 2007, after my local London Assembly Member, Roger Evans, had failed to reply to a whole series of emails, I complained to the then Leader of the Assembly's Conservative Group, Angie Bray. I received an email from Ms Bray telling me that she had spoken with Mr Evans. I later recieved replies to the outstanding correspondence.

Just over a year ago, after a further period of silence from Mr Evans (who was by now himself the Leader) I complained to Conservative Central Office. They did not want to know. I emailed Roger Evans suggesting that in view of the fact that we seemed to have significant differences we should meet with the view to attempting to resolve them. Again there was neither acknowledgement nor reply.

Later still, to my utter amazement, I received an email from somebody called Robert Rams who described himself as Head of the Conservative Group Office. He told me that my correspondence had been "deemed to be vexatious" and consequently Evans would not be replying. He said that I was to direct all future correspondence to him! I responded to the effect that I had both a constitutional and a democratic right to correspond with my elected representative and had no intention of doing so with a paid lackey.

Later still there was a further email from a GLA lawyer telling me that my (unilateral) correspondence had been deemed "vexatious", and consequently I would receive no substantive replies to any further emails.

This is absolutely outrageous and reminiscent of the behaviour of certain totalitarian regimes in various parts of the world. Your Councillor Robert Sheps-Tuches is much involved with this, and both he and Evans for my part can visit a taxidermist.

Rog T said...


I suspect that Ramsbottom is one of a seemingly growing band of Conservative politician that doesn't actually like Conservatives or agree with the principles which he purports to be signed up to.

Morris Hickey said...

You might well be correct, Rog. One of the consequences of my experiences of the behaviour and attitudes of these two schmocks is that I have ended my membership of the party that I supported for 60 years from the age of 15, 24 of those years as a councillor in Redbridge.

Ben said...

Here's some friendly advice for Cllr Rams: Be careful what you tweet, otherwise you'll be landing in more doggy do-do.