Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Brexit - key questions that #Leave won't answer

If anyone from the leave campaign knocks you up, ask them these questions.

1. Will removal of right of work for EU nationals in UK damage the UK GDP?

2. How much will it cost to enforce immigration rules for EU nationals wishing to work in UK?

3. How many civil servants will need to be hired to replace those functions carried out by EU?

4. What will be the cost of rewriting all of the Laws/Rules currently covered by EU legislation? How many lawyers will be employed writing these new laws/rules?

5. What tariffs will the UK pay when trading with countries which currently have treaties with EU when we withdraw?

6. How many civil servants and lawyers will be required to draw up new trade agreements with countries currently covered by EU trade agreements? How much will this cost?

7. What will happen to all projects etc currently supported by EU grants in Uk? How much will it cost to set up quangos to manage this?

8. What will be the status of UK citizens living in the EU.

9. What will be the Visa requirements for UK nationals travelling to EU countries to work and study?

10. What will be the future for UK collaboration in projects such as ESA?

11. Will lack of free access to EU markets and labour influence the decisions of non EU companies when making decisions about investment in UK?

12. How many non EU companies that currently have large UK operations and work forces are pro Brexit.

All of these are reasonable questions and for the #Leave campaign to have any credibility, they all need sensible answers supported by evidence. I do not believe that asking for that is unreasonable.

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