Tuesday, 28 June 2016

2016 - The Worst year ever?

Crap weather, no governement, no opposition, no football team, no football team manager, no Bowie, no Lemmie, no Terry Wogan, No Ronnie Corbett, No Prince, No Alan Rickman, No Victoria Wood, no Muhamed Ali. What exactly do you think we've done to piss the big fella up there off? 2016 - We are only half way through the year. I am not going to tempt fate and say "How much worse can it get" because I think we all know a couple of very good examples of the that. 

I think we collectively all need to start thinking how we can collectively improve our national Karma! Can I suggest we all commit to do three things before Sunday to make a start. I'll leave it up to  you to find three things within your own belief system to make a small difference. My paramaters are 1. It must make a difference to someone else in a positive way. 2. It must involve a degree of effort. 3. Don't crow or brag about it. Just do it.

Whether or not you believe such things make a difference to the bigger picture is a matter for you, but if you do something that helps someone else, it can only be for the good of our great nation.

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