Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Monetisation of our parks

Posters have gone up all over Mill Hill announcing the Mill Hill Town and Country show. I have been informed that the plans for this involve turning the Beautiful Flower Lane section of the park into a car park for the event. Organisers expect 2000 visitors. The main area of the park will be cordoned off and apparently an entrance fee of £15 will be charged.

The Barnet Eye has no objections to commercial interests making money, but parks are public land and we have strong reservations about charging for access of our park and using grassed areas as a car park. 

It has also been suggested that caravans for staff of the show may be parked on the site. It appears that the shows organisers were dismissive of suggestions from residents groups and friends of Mill Hill park, especially with regards to parking arrangements.

It seems that Barnet council overruled local people and sided with organisers, who are paying a fee to use the park. I couldn't help but wonder if Capita will be getting a kickback from the council under gainshare arrangements. 

I for one am extremely worried about the precedent of turning Flower Lane park into a car park, even as a temporary feature.

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