Friday 3 June 2016

A little wisdom for Friday ahead of the EU referendum

Back in 1975 when I was 13, being a Manchester City fan and at the time aspiring to be a goalkeeper, my all time football hero was the great Joe Corrigan. Imagine how excited I was to bump into him at an England game at the bar. Knowing I couldn't let the moment pass, I went up to him and said "Hello Joe". He replied "Do I know you?" to which I replied "No". He then said "Well f@ck off and leave me alone". If Joe is out there anywhere, I really want to thank him, because it was a really important lesson. Just because someone is a hero of yours, you have no right to annoy them when they are off duty. We need more Joe Corrigans who tell it like it is.

 No Friday joke today. I think a bit of shared wisdom is a far better idea with the EU referendum coming up. I can assure any stranger who bugs me on the subject in the next few days that they will get a Joe Corrigan response, because I am well and truly sick of all the b@ll@cks being spouted. I really don't want dickhe@ds thrusting leaflets into my hand and asking my opinions when all I want to do is get my lunch or have a quiet pint.

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