Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Top Ten #Brexit Porkies

1. 70 Million Turks will come to Uk if we remain. The concept that the entire population of Uk will relocate to Uk is clearly dishonest.

2. We will regain control of our borders. We already have control of borders. Everyone entering UK has to show a passport.

3. If we quit EU Leave will spend an extra £360 mill a week on NHS. It will be up to govt of day to set budget and £360 mill figure excludes rebate we already receive.

4. If we leave EU #leave will scrap VAT on household energy. If this is done it will further reduce money available to put into NHS as described in point 3 and would be a matter for govt of day.

5. If we leave EU, the EU will automatically give us a preferential trade deal. This is pure speculation as know one knows what the final deal will be.

6. If we leave EU, migration from EU will decrease. If we achieve a deal on same terms as Norway, this is not true. No one knows what deal we will get so cannot say.

7. If we leave EU we could deport foreign criminals. This would be subject to a new treaty and may breach Europen Human rights laws. These are not written by EU.

8. A lower pound would be good for the economy. This is only true for net exporters with a strong manufacturing base. Sadly we do not have that.

9. The EU makes all our laws at present. It doesnt.

10. The rest of the world will be keen to sign trade agreements with UK. No country has said this is true, whereas most say they want us to stay.

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