Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Saturday List #91 - The ten best shops in the London Borough of Barnet - Past and Present!

As its Saturday and time for a list, I thought I'd compile my top ten shops in the Borough. Some are shut, some are still open.

1. H.A. Blunt and Sons - AKA The Model Shop - Mill Hill
Endless hours of fun here. Train sets, Airfix models, radio controlled model aircraft. Bliss! Even had a coin operated train set in the window at one stage.

2. Kentfields Toy Shop - Mill Hill.
A real Aladins cave of bliss. When I was a tiny tot this was heaven. My sisters loved the dolls house accessories.

3.  The Pet Shop at The Green Man.
When I was young, I loved fishing. This was the place to get maggots! I'l bl never forget when I bought a bag, put it in the fridge to keep them fresh and they escaped.

4. Woolworths in Mill Hill.
This was where I took my kids for Pic n Mix, toys etc when they were good at mass. I loved Woolies.

5. Stephen Siger Records in Edgware.
Also moved to Mill Hill, but was a much smaller shop. A true goldmine for a music lover such as myself.

6. Music Stop  - Edgware.
Where I bought my first electric guitar and my first amplifier. I often would simply stand and stare at the window.

7. The fishmongers on the Watling.
I've always been fascinated by fish. I used to love to stare at the live eels in a tray outside. This was the nearest we came to exotic wildlife in Burnt Oak. The first of the shops that are still around.

8. Cooksleys Butchers - Mill Hill.
My first Saturday job was as Saturday boy here. They still do a fine range of meat and pickles.

9. Lambs in Mill Hill Village.
I used to stop here when I wallked home from St Vincents. I loved the sugar mice. Run by two little old ladies. You don't get shops like this anymore.

10. Walton, Hassle and Port in Mill Hill.
An old style deli. Great foods. My mum used to think it was expensive, but I've always loved a bit of extravangance!

What are your favourite shops, past and present.

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