Thursday 30 June 2016

Andrea Leadsome - The Conservative Corbyn

The difference between Labour and the Conservatives is that the Tories have always put self preservation before principle. The party at large has always been way to the right of its MPs. I genuinely believe most Tory activists have never really twigged this fact.

One of the unfortunate side effects of the EU referendum is that now the fact that most Tory MPs are far more sensible than the rest of the party has been laid bare.

What we are seeing in the Labour Party is a graphic demonstration of when a party leader reflects the party rather than the MPs. Having seen how this plays out, you may wonder how the usually pragmatic Tories would respond. We may find out rather soon. The Tory equivalent of Corbyn is mulling a bid for leadership. Her name is Andrea Leadsome. She is hard Leave. She is a mirror of Tory activist middle England. If you are not a Tory activist, you've probably never heard of her. If you are, the mere mention of her name will elevate you to a state of political orgasmic delight. Are the Tories bonkers enough to elect her? I've no idea, but in this year of the Political Apocalypse 😜 nothing would surprise me

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