Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 3/7/2016

How is our little Oasis of sanity doing in these troubled times? This is what our local Twitterati think.

1. I love this tweet. There was a time when some had a vision for Burnt Oak. Maybe it is time to rediscover this vision so that the less well off areas of our great nation.

Photo: Burnt Oak Savoy (1936) by George Coles, which opened on this day 80 years ago

2. Sadly these days our masters have a different vision of Burnt Oak

Seen this? Oldest tree in Burnt Oak is being chopped down. (Via )

3. What better way to spend a Monday night in Colindale

Traditional Folk Session/Jam, Mondays. The friendliest musicians in Colindale. Live music from 8pm. Join us!
4. Now this is a proper tweet! It shows that nothing gets past us!

If this graffiti is anything to go by, the gentrification of Colindale is really taking a hold..

5. This is something worth celebrating!

Great to see Holmwood Gate reopened . Here's to open doors & welcoming spaces

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