Wednesday 13 July 2016

RAF museum gets £500K from Barnet Council and Brian Coleman loses the plot!

One of the real jewels in the crown of our Borough is The RAF museum in Hendon. I am rather biased as my father was an RAF bomber pilot. The museum houses the last intact example of a Wellington bomber, of the type flown by my Dad. Visits are always something of a pilgrimage for me.

Having said that, the museum is not stuck in the past. It has hosted concerts for the Mill Hill Music Festival and staged 'An evening with Sylvia Anderson' event which was a truly memorable event.

All of my children benefitted from this world class facility on our doorstep. Barnet Council has a history of destroying such assets, with the closure of Church Farmhouse museum.

I was therefore very pleased to see that Barnet Council has given the museum a £500,000 grant to assist with its development. This was announced in a tweet by the deputy Leader of Barnet Council Dan Thomas.

'Last night, @BarnetCouncil ARG committee recommended £500k be awarded to @RAFMUSEUM to go towards its exciting centenary redevelopment.'

Imagine my surprise and disgust when I saw that disgraced, convicted Criminal and former colleague of Dan Thomas, Brian Coleman weighed in, with a tweet in reply making sarcastic comments in relation to how the deal may have been struck.

'@RAFMUSEUM @BarnetCouncil I am sure this has nothing to do with (masonic) lobbying  between certain Trustees and certain Cllr's'

My guess is that Coleman, who is a well known Rotarian is probably smarting as his own efforts to get cash for his own pet projects was not met with quite so much generosity.

Coleman clearly has no grounds to post such a bitchy tweet, as he knows full well how to report any underhand dealings or shenanigans. He has cleverly constructed  his barbed message to inflict the maximum damage on the reputations of the trustees and his former colleagues, in a manner that is unlikely to have any legal comeback.

For the record I am not a Mason or in any way associated with the museum. I simply find Brian Colemans comments sickening. I sincerely hope that his fellow local Rotarians will finally see through this horrible little man and recognise just how damaging he is to their reputation.

It is a very good thing that the Council has chosen to support such an important cultural site in the Borough. Brian Coleman received sums far in excess of £500,000 in the course of his spectacularly unsuccessful political career. Unlike that cash, this will bring enjoyment to tens of thousands of residents of the Borough. When will this awful man finally get the hint and put a sock in it?

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