Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet

Its fast approaching the silly season. Not much happens, save for a few people who should know better, getting rather too excited abut nothing. Well actually....

But then we live in sleepy Barnet, so what has been happening in our neighbourhood. Here it is, the tweets of the week. Don't forget to follow any of these tweeters who tickle your fancy!

1. Sad news, we've lost another much loved landmark

nothing left of The Landsdowne in Burnt Oak. Note the builders sign -

2. Can you help this young man?

can you help Colindale teen in plea for power pack?


3. A lovely picture of yet another lost part of the borough's sporting heritage. I often wonder if the current craze of building flats everywhere will only stop when every single possible thing has been demolished and built on.

Hendon's much missed Claremont Road ground, as it looked in 1972. Pic Bob Lilliman.

 4. Residents of Edgware may find this tweet of interest

Property Values rise by 2% month on month.
5. We rather like this tweet from David Arditti in Edgware

Display of noctilucent cloud this morn, up to 10 degrees high, observed from 02:15 to 03:15 UT, from Edgware, Middx.

 6. Got a problem with litterbugs and flytippers. Tell the council!

You can help us by reporting persistent litter & flytipping problem areas in Barnet:

7. An East Finchley Landmark

Gallery owner shared his favourite work - ‘The Archer’ by Eric Aumonier at East Finchley

8. Lost a Mog in Totteridge? Dan Wilson has found it

Has anyone in Totteridge lost a black cat? We're currently feeding it

9.  Nice piccie from Lucinda!

 10.  A Mill Hill Landmark was on the Telly this week. Of course we all know our little piece of London is full of  marvellously clever people.

on , on Channel 4. Just saw Fil.

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