Saturday 9 July 2016

The Saturday List #94 - The Top Ten Tory Leadership contest songs

We are going to have another female Prime Minister. We'll keep our views on ice for another day, as Saturday is the day we have some fun. To celebrate, we've compiled a top ten list of songs to commemorate this momentous contest.

1. There can only be one song that will forever be associated with Michael Gove and Boris Johnson. perhaps Mr Gove is quite unique in his feat of stabbing both Boris and himself in the back

2.  And then there is Liam Fox. This song just about sums up his campaign. Not that his campaign even started walking.

3. And then there is Stephen Crabbe. Given todays the revelations today about his nocturnal habits on his mobile phone, it has to be this.

4. What is clear is that the Tory Party is the Party of England, not the United Kingdom. In Norther Ireland they have no seats, in Scotland one, and a smattering in Wales. It appears that the UK is governed by the chairwoman of the Shire. This song sums up who is electing the  next Prime Minister.

5. And we have our two finalists. Firstly Theresa May. Previously known mostly for her shoe collection, she is the front runner. Over to Adam Ant for her song

6. I guess that after all the discussions of Mrs Leadsomes CV, there is only one song that we could choose.

7.  And then there is the actual race. It seems to be a mirror of the Labour election, with the MP's at odds with the membership of the Party. When two tribes....

8. And then there is the rest of us. Whilst the political class are obsessed with their navels, for the rest of us, this sums it up.

9. And spare a thought for David Cameron, a year ago he was riding high, now he's a washed up failure, the worst PM in history. This one is for him

10. And finally. This race, like no other has been racked with accusations from start to finish. They've all been at it. This is for all of the candidates.

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