Monday 4 July 2016

Thanks Vote leave for trashing the country and ruining people's lives

This morning I am ashamed, upset and embarrassed. I have heard that both Theresa May and Phillip Hammond are planning to send EU nationals home when the UK quits the EU.

I don't recall this ever being discussed, but it seems the hard right are rampant now.

The picture above is my band, The False Dots at a recent gig in Colindale. The chap on the left of the picture playing bass is Fil Ross. He has played bass in the band for 18 years and been my chief sound engineer for 20. Fil is Portuguese and awakes to the news that he's no longer welcome, according to the favourite for the job of Prime Minister. Fils children were born and brought up here.

I feel physically sick at this news. I apologise to all of my EU national friends, family and customers for the ignorance and bad faith of the politicians we've elected. And to all of you leave voters, did you really intend this to happen and for the lives of people like Fil to be wrecked?

Footnote: Since Fil joined The False Dots in 1998 the band has raised over £20,000 for charities including MacMillan, Noah's Ark Hospice and Help For Heroes.

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