Thursday, 7 July 2016

Warning - 24 hour parking suspension in North FInchley - you will get a ticket

 24 hour parking restrictions outside Tally Ho Discount

Tescos are moving to North Finchley in the site of the former Tally Ho discount stores, opposite the rather marvellous Cafe Buzz. The Barnet Eye has been notified that Barnet Council have applied a 24 hour suspension of parking during the period of work. This is estimated to be for a period of 6-8 weeks.

This means that if you park in this spot at any time, you are liable to get a parking ticket.  Barnet Council have recently stepped up 24 hour parking enforcement. Barnet Council uses parking enforcement as a handy revenue stream and our local wardens are rather zealous in application of the rules. Why this particular parking suspension should apply at 3am in the morning is beyond me, other than to swell council coffers, but that I guess is the modern world. So please, unless yopu enjoy subsididing buffet lunches for councillors, avoid parking in this spot.

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Lindsay said...

I'm very sorry to learn Tesco will blighting North Finchley. A shop that I will not set foot in, unless my or someone's life depends on it. And maybe not even then.