Tuesday 12 July 2016

Theresa May is PM - Just as we predicted before the Referendum

The Barnet Eye has an impeccable record of predicting what the Tories will do. Back before the referendum we accurately devoted a whole blog to why we thought Theresa May would be the next PM. At the time several Tory friends privately emailed to give their opinions. Most told me that if Brexit won, it would most likely be Boris or Andrea Leadsome. I disagreed then and it seems I've been proven right. Leadsomes campaign disintegrated under the glare of a contest. The dodgy CV and the nasty comments did for her. Theresa May on the other hand has played a blinder. Whatever you may think of her, she is calm and steady.

The big question now is whether she'll make a good PM. I suspect that she will do ok. She has her party on side and she knows who can perform. I for one will be pleased as pie to see the back of the Etonocracy of Cameron. Dave was not a steady hand. His penchant for knee jerk, short term decisions is the reason we are in the mess. I hope replacing Osborne is Mays first act. He is discredited and past his sell by date. If I were May, I'd call a general election ASAP. She needs authority to govern, and with Labour in disarray she has an open goal.

Whatever you think of her, she is the PM now. It is in all our interests for her to do a good job. It puts a big challenge to Labour to sort itself out. Having spent the best part of a year trying to undermine their elected leader, it appears we have a challenge. This seems to be happening at the worst possible time in the worst possible way. It is strange that the dodgy pretext for knifing Corbyn is his lukewarm campaigning for remain. Am I the only commentator to note that what has propelled May to the top job, is likely to finish Corbyn. Labour really does seem to have a death wish right now. The Conservatives on the other hand have shown us that they know how to survive and evolve.

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