Tuesday 26 May 2009

Leader Listens? Bovvered, Does Mike Look Bovvered ?

The Taxpayer pays for Mike Freer's Leader Listens blog. He used to have a nice free blog at the Hendon Times, but oh no that wasn't good enough. He wanted one that us, the taxpayer paid for? Why? so he could stop oiks like me, you know the bloke who pays for it, from commenting.

Now I pointed out that as it's a public resource, he really shouldn't do this. Was Mike Bovvered. Did he look Bovvered. And how well does he look after his nice shiny blog? How many updates this month? Is he Bovvered?

Now Mike and his mates are probably sneering at this blog. Typical old fart trying to look trendy, that Rog T. There he goes using Catherine Tate and her Bovvered sketch. So last year. So 2008. Doesn't he know that idea is past it's sell by date? Ha Ha Ha.

Yup Mike, my point entirely. There is one councillor in Barnet who has caught the mood of 20o9. His name is Geoff Cooke, he's a Labour Councillor. If I was a Barnet Tory, I'd be looking carefully at what he's been saying. If I was the Barnet Times this would be my lead Story this week. "Barnet Politician catches Publix Mood" they haven't been able to write that for a while.

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