Saturday, 11 April 2020

The Saturday List #259 - Lost Mill Hill in Pictures 1 - 12 (volume 1)

The Broadway
Like many people, I've been putting the spare time to use., sorting through papers, filing pictures, arranging cupboards. Over the years, myself and my family have acquired quite a collection of photo's of Mill Hill. Some of these you'll recognise, some maybe not, I hope you enjoy them. My family moved to Mill Hill over 70 years ago, so there are quite a few knocking about.

I put together a series of  12 tweets today with a few favourites. I hope you enjoy these. If you like this, I have quite a few more, so please let me know.  I enjoyed putting this together.

1 & 2 - The old Harwood Hall and Mac Metals Crash Repairers

3 & 4 - Mill Hill Goods Yard and The Hurricane of '87

5 & 6 - The Bunns Lane Dove House and Smiths Coffee
7 & 8 - The old Bunns Lane Welding Tea Hut and 5, Victoria Road

9 & 10 -  Hammers Lane Butchers and The Broadway

11 & 12 - Station Road and The Old Millway Surgery

All Pics copyright and not to be reused without permission

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