Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Wednesday Poem - A prayer for us all for believers and atheists alike

About a year ago, a friend of mine who is an atheist, said that when their are times of great crisis, he wanted to join in prayers for victims etc, as an act of solidarity, but felt a tad hypocritical as he did not believe in God and had deeply held reservations about organised religion. I set about writing a prayer for everyone, that we could all join in with. I got half way through and gave up. I thought I would finish it.

A prayer for the whole human family

In these strained times I want you to know 
that I stand with you always, wherever you go
The road may be rocky, the end may be near
But my love will be with you, of that have no fear

Regardless of whether you believe, we take comfort from expressing our solidarity, whether in private or in public, whether silently or out loud. What is important is that we feel able to tell ourselves that even though we are helpless, we can still love and care. If someone is going through a bad time, say their name and then say these words. If you are of faith, add  a prayer from your tradition.

Copyright 2020 Roger Tichborne (feel free to use this personally, publications please credit appropriately).

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