Monday, 27 April 2020

The Mill Hill General Knowledge Pub Quiz - A guest blog by Richard Wilkinson

Guest blogger Richard Wilkinson sent us a Mill Hill General Knowledge quiz for your enjoyment. He been in lockdown for a while and so he has been amusing himself by brushing up on his local knowledge. After a quick chat on the phone yesterday, he sent me this.

He thought one or two of you might find this to be an amusing distraction. No prizes, just for fun!


Famous People

1. Which Doctor Who lived in Mill Hill?

2. Which James Bond lived in Mill Hill?

3. Which 50's Rock and Roller is buried in Mill Hill?

4. Which famous radio presenter opened Budgens in Mill Hill?

5. Which iconic 60's TV star was a member of the Mill Hill Services club in the 1960's and had a gypsy caravan in his back garden, that you could see from the Ridgeway?

6. Which band, which were the first UK band to have a US number one, had a member who's brother ran Kellys Corner garage in Mill Hill East?

7. Which member of the House of Lords, lives in Mill Hill and ran the record label that signed Bad Manners?

8. Which famous comedian, who famously called Prince Charles a Grovelling Bastard, sent his daughters to a private school in Mill Hill and regularly opened the Christmas fete.

9. Which member of the Dad's Army cast regularly opened the St Joseph's college garden fete in the 1970's?

10. Which Formula one racing driver is commemorated with a blue plaque on Parkside in Mill Hill?

Local Knowledge

11. What was the previous name of the pub that changed its name to The Railway Engineer after security concerns regarding the IRA?

12. What tube station in Mill Hill could you buy a ticket to, but you couldn't catch a train from in the 1960's?

13. What nationality was the owner of 'The Scotch Tea Rooms' on Station Road in Mill Hill in the 1960's?

14.  Why was the 240 bus from Mill Hill to Edgware a single decker until the mid 1960's?

15.What would you see at the back of the big red brick public health building in Daws Lane ( was the home of the sea scouts) that was a leftover from the second world war in the 1960's  and fascinated many young  boys playing on the swings in Mill Hill Park?

16. How much was a single ticket from Mill Hill Broadway to Borehamwood in January 1971?

17. Why would you visit Rex Godwin on the Broadway  in 1970? (an extra point if you can say the service that wasn't advertised in the window)?

18. What would you buy from the back section of Mill Hill Television in the mid 1970's, which was very popular with teenagers?

19.  Where was the 'New China Garden' in Mill Hill?

20. What was the name of the Cricket Club that had a clubhouse in the middle of Mill Hill Park?

Notable Buildings and Landmarks

21. What did the initials NIMR stand for?

22.  Who owns the Observatory on the Watford Way Mill Hill?

23. Who were the former owners of St  Josephs College on Lawrence Street?

24. Where is a blue plaque on the side of a Mill Hill building that marks the site of Quaker Meeting House?

25. What was the name of the pub that stood on the site of what is now the Kentucky Fried Chicken?

26. Why was the Railway Tavern in Mill Hill a mile from the Railway Station?

27. What was the building at the bottom of what  is now St Vincents Lane in the 1950's (the large yellow brick building on the left as you go down, which is now luxury flats)?

28.  What was Athene House before it was an office block?

29. Where is the 'Old Mill' in Mill Hill?

30. Where is the 'Old Post Office' in Mill Hill?

Mill Hill Nature.

31. Where was there a plague of terrapins in Mill Hill, that made national news?

32. What word would you put after  the words Angel and Sheepwash to describe well known locations in Mill Hill.

33. What large animal would you be most likely to see if you are heading away from Mill Hill Broadway on Lawrence Street and you look right?

34. What animal will you see in a cage in A&Y locksmiths in Mill Hill?

35. What bright green exotic species of bird will you see if you are lucky on a walk over Arrandene?

36. Name three species of reptile native to Mill Hill?

37. What is the name of the largest nature reserve in Mill Hill?

38. What species of Deer might you see in Arrandene open space?

39. What is the name of the green space between the A41 in Mill Hill and Lawrence Street

40. What tree, native to Australia, which reputedly has aromatic healing properties, would you find in the middle of the green space referred to in question 39?


Does anyone have a quiz for any of the other parts of Barnet?

Click here to email us your guest quiz or any questions and clarifications.


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