Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Lockdown starts for real today. Wake me up when it's over

I woke up every day as I do at 7am. I made the missus a cuppa, got the papers and went back to bed. I stayed there until 11am. As the rain battered the Velux on the roof, I could see no earthly reason to get up. The papers were as dull as a wet Wednesday in Wigan. There are only so many Covid stories that one can read. If I'd re-read the papers from yesterday, I don't think I'd have noticed. I read the Express and the Guardian every day, as this gives me a degree of balance. The only story in either that I was the slightest bit interested in was the nutcase driving at 163mph through Edgware.
When I saw nutters like that, my Dad who ran a Crash Repair business would say "Don't complain, my best customers drive like that and put a roof over your head". It inspired me to start to put together a Flickr album of Pictures taken over the years at Bunns Lane Works

Bunns Lane works, Mill Hill, NW7

Sharp eye'd readers will have seen a few of these before. I love pictures of industrial buildings., so make no apology. If you find such things dull, then don't bother having a look!

So what have you achieved during Lockdown. Here is my list so far.

1. I've learned to play the melody of The Sweeney on guitar.

2. I've written a song

3. I've digitised the pictures I need for my autobiography (now I need to add them) to the text.

Biog Pics

4. I've baked a chocolate cake that was pretty good for my Daughters birthday

5. I've written a few blogs, that have had an extraordinarily good reception.

6. I've worked out a better way to cook roast potatoes.

7. I've re-acquainted myself with the prettiest route to cover the Darlands nature reserve walk.

8. I've managed to talk one of my friends out of doing something rather stupid. It  seems that some people are getting very hot under the collar.  The phrase "Promise me you'll sleep on this and we can discuss it tomorrow" is a very useful way to address such issues.

9. I've re-acquainted myself with some great tracks.

10. I've caught up with a couple of friends by phone who I should have had a beer with and will when the time comes

Now, with the rain coming down, the lockdown seems much more real. I wish I could just hibernate. But maybe, I'll get busy and get on with things a bit more. The big problem is that my daughter is getting her final dissertation together for Uni, so we all have to be quiet, it was easier when we could all go outside.


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