Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Some of the best things to see in Mill Hill on a walk - Darlands and The Totteridge Valley

There are plenty of great views and sights to see in Mill Hill. Sadly, at the moment, the pubs are shut, so when you are having your daily hour exercise, you can't have a little libation to help. Today I had my hour's walk around the Darlands reserve. Here is a map of where it is. Click on this for more details from OSMaps.,-0.20510,16/pin
Darlands Nature reserve walk - click for more details
So what will you see there, that makes it so special? Here are just a few of the tweets that have been posted. I'd recommend some binoculars and a good camera, so you too can share it with us. I rather hope you'll agree that this is a sight well worth seeing

There is a circuit of the nature reserve, which starts and ends in Burtonhole Lane. This is the first sight you'll see as you leave the hustle and bustle of the Ridgeway and reach the point where Burtonhole Lane splits.

This award winning photo was taken of the view that will greet you, so make sure you take a camera!

Our friends at @Abettermillhill pictured a rather fine looking herd in this field recently along with some other fine sights

If you keep your eyes open you will see some very interesting sights, as Samuel Levy regularly notes

Samuel isn't the only one who has seen some amazing wildlife on the Totteridge Valley

Not bad for a London post code, is it?

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