Tuesday 17 January 2017

Barnet Council moves into the 1970's!!!!!!

What were you doing on the 9th June 1975? I most likely got on a 221 bus to Finchley Catholic High School. Two days before Sony had launched the Betamax video recorder. Harold Wilson was PM. The previous week on June 6th, the UK had voted to remain in the Common Market. John Denver was top of the charts. Oh yes, and we had the first radio broadcast of Parliament!

You may ask what that has got to do with the price of fish. Well a mere forty one and a half years later, today is a histric and momentous day in the history of Barnet Council.  Barnet Council have decided to follow suit, move into 1975 and provide a digital audio transmission of council meetings! We congratulate Barnet Council on their groundbreaking move to use the very latest technology in their headlong dash for openness and transparency.

The Past

One cannot help but wonder when Barnet will move into the 1980's and start their own video coverage of meetings. The rumour has it that some councillors worry that if meetings are televised, they may actually have to bother to look interested and participate in business.

The Present
Of course as a Barnet blogger, I feel duty bound to have a little fun about such issues. On a more serious note, it is a step in the right direction and Richard Cornelius (leader of the council) should be commended for taking the first steps towards bring the council towards the level of openness and transparency that we expect from a local authority.

Anyway, it's been a long day. In homage to the council's move towards the brave new world of 1976, I think I'll  jump in my Ausin Princess, have a nice can of Watneys Party 7, a tasty Vesta curry and even maybe..... some Smash potatoes.

The future?

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