Tuesday 10 January 2017

How Jeremy Corbyn can win the next election

The Labour Party is in a mess. I am not entirely convinced the sickness isn't terminal. If it is, then it would be a tragedy for the UK. I believe that the problem is fairly and squarely down to treacherous MPs working to shaft the elected leader.

I also believe that Corbyn has not helped himself. Over a year into his leadership and no significant and identifiable policies. Unlike his treacherous MPs, this is an issue he can solve. All he needs is to be bold. Here are five policies I believe would changes his fortunes overnight.

1. Renationalise the Railways. The fiasco that is Thameslink and Southern shows that privatisation has failed. Kick out failing companies and set up a new national rail operator.If a franchise can be demonstrated to be working then I have no objection to them running services, but most are aweful.

2. End the NHS internal market. This is a costly failure driven by bonkers right wing ideology. End it now and spend the cash wasted on lawyers, accountants and bureaucracy on doctors, nurses and patients.

3. Abolish student loans. This is a tax on education. As a developed economy, we need a skilled work force. Bring back proper apprenticeships and give them degree status. Many parents and young people recognise the unfairness of the system. We need to match the needs of our economy to the education we are giving. At present many graduates are not fit for the workplace. Ensure that when they leave Uni they are employable.

4. Cut inheritance tax to 5%. This may seem anti socialist but it would be a pragmatic step that made avoidance pointless and would bring in cash. It would also end the penalisation of hard working parents in pretty average properties in London who's estates are being stung.

5. Scrap Trident. It serves no military purpose and is a white elephant.Use the saved cash to fix the airforce and pay for the above policies. If we had a decent sized Air Force and a few air dropped nuclear bombs, that would be enough deterrent. That is the opinion of the former chief of the RAF. It would allow us to fix our economy.

If Corbyn is truly radical, then this program would go a long way to fix the nation.

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