Saturday 14 January 2017

The Saturday List #112 - Ten things that are seriously wrong in our Borough

Yesterday I had a nice chat with a friend of mine who's son requires a motorised wheelchair to get around. He is currently studying at University. He travels to and from his Uni in the Midlands by bus and train. The first leg of this journey requires him to get a 113 bus from Mill Hill to Hendon, then the Northern Line from Hendon to Kings Cross, as there is no disabled access at Mill Hill Broadway. This adds approx 30 minutes to his journey. To install disabled access at Mill Hill would be extremely easy. A simple overbridge with lifts, as per the one at West Hampstead and a disabled access on Platform 4. It is scandalous that neither Mill Hill Broadaway or Mill Hill East have disabled access. So todays Saturday list is things I consider seriously wrong in our Borough, that impact the lives of many people.

1. No disabled access at Mill Hill Broadway Station

2. No disabled access at Mill Hill East Station

3. No disabled access at Burnt Oak Station

4. No disabled access at Colindale Station

5. No disabled access at Brent Cross Station

6. No disabled Access at Hendon National Rail Station

7. No disabled access at Totteridge Station

8. No disabled access at East Finchley Station

9.  No disabled access at Cricklewood Station

10. Brent Cross, Mill Hill East, Colindale and West Hendon all have huge mega developments going, on where developers are making billions of pounds of profits. Not one of these developers have been compelled to spend a penny on making any of the above stations disabled accessable. This is totally disgusting and shows exactly what is wrong with our community.


Anonymous said...

At a guess, that would cost £500 million.

Barnet people seem to always vote for low taxes, not good public services.

That cannot have both.

Rog T said...

Try reading the article properly mate. I said that the developers of the mega schemes in Barnet should stump up the cash. As to your estimate of £500 million, it does not cost £50 million to put disabled access in. Probably £1-2 mill max per station.

Anonymous said...