Thursday 26 January 2017

Guest Blog - Thameslink Compensation Changes - By Mill Hill Mike

Following the recent Thameslink blog, I'd like to remind all affected that since 11th December, the threshold for claiming a refund is now 15 and not 30 minutes. In practice that means, every train cancellation will justify a claim, as with a 10-15 minute gap between trains, the one that follows the cancellation will nearly always arrive more than 15 minutes after, especially with a compounded delay effect at each station caused by the heavy loading and extended station stops. Of my 5 journeys this week, three have been substandard, resulting in two claims already made and this morning on the new class 700, the air con was set to ‘warm Summer’s day’. One more point, on the aforementioned train, the signage (in one example noticed) still states that you can claim if your journey is delayed by > 30 minutes!

Maximising the claims made will ensure the Thameslink feel the full impact of dissatisfaction, along with refunded revenue and what it must be costing them to run the whole show.
Guest blogs are always welcome at The Barnet Eye. Mill Hill Mike is a Mill Hill Resident and Thameslink User.
Ed comment. 
Thanks to Mill Hill Mike. I thought readers may be interested to know that on Tuesday, less than 40% of Thameslink services arrived on time. You can check the daily performance of Thameslink here

If it is any comfort at all,southern and Gatwick express services were even worse with les than 30% on time.

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