Sunday 29 January 2017

Tweets of The week - 29/01/2016

Once again it's that time of the week where we lovingly gaze at our community through the eyes of our local tweeters! I guess I should just make a little comment here. When I started this particular feature, the local twitter feeds were not stuffed full of estate agents pictures of houses, stock pictures of burgers from restaurants and rather dull pictures from worth organisations of large groups of people trying to force a grin. I'd suggest to any of these organisations, who really want to attract new customers to try posting something a bit more interesting. I look at thousands of tweets a week and it is really quite soul destroying to see the total lack or originality and creativity in the majority of such posts. Oh and don't forget to follow any tweeters here who tickle your fancy and to retweet their posts. If we like what we see share it! Rant over, now enjoy the tweets, there have been some damn fine ones!

1. It seems that Edgware has had a dusting of stardust this week!

2. We are partial to a good bit of sky, especially from our regulars!

2. Great historical piccie from David Fitzgerald

3. Some rather nice pictures of Chemtrails in the morning over Edgware from the deputy Leader of Barnet Council Dan Thomas
4. It seems that Brendan Hoare is rather better at Maths than Morrisons in Colindale - Big fail here!
5. We love a bit of artistis digger photography. Great Shot from Greater London Demolition
6. There are some great concerts coming up in our locality!
7. Did you know that Archbishop Desmond Tutu was once a curate in Golders Green, as they say "The boy done well!"
8. Another of our regulars, Barnet Rebel was rather taken by the ice on Totteridge Long Ponds
9. Fancy doing a bit for your community, fighting pollution and protecting local habitats?
10. The some items from the impressive Mill Hill Music Complex "Hall of Fame"

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