Sunday 8 January 2017

The Tweets of The Week 08/1/2017

The first tweets of the week of 2017! I had a look last week and there was nothing much worth drawing your attention to, so I went back to bed and put my feet up! What delights await today? Lets have a shufti.....

1. We helped kick off interest in this, so it is great to see we've nearly reached the 1,000. And if you haven't signed, please do.

2. And another cause we've been passionately advocating is the campaign to Save Barnet Copthall Diving pool

3. Anyone any idea who the violent thugs who did this were. I for one would be all to happy to see them locked up and for the key to be mislaid for a lengthy period.

4. On a lighter note. What better way to while away a chilly morning on your allotment in Barnet than to sit in your shed munching away on fishcake and chips!
5. It's the middle of winter, but Finchley Horticultural Society are making ready for the spring!
6. Looking for some creative play sessions in Edgware on a Monday morning.
7. One of Barnets lesser known (to me at least) museums. Must check it out
7. Love this one! Where better to get your Barnet done than in Barnet!
8. This was the one tweet I found last week that I wanted to post, so i thought we'd include it. Love this picture. Often see these birdies whilst walking the pup over Arrendene.
9. This is a lovely tweet. Love a bit of local history!
10. Some of Mill Hill Music Complex finest customers helped us see in the new year!

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