Tuesday 24 January 2017

Documenting the failure of Govia Thameslink part 2

Thameslink provide a daily update on performance on their website.


Yesterday, Monday 23rd January, the figure for trains arriving at the right time was a mere 41.1%

My train back from central London was one of those cancelled. I had checked the Thameslink website before setting off. It said the 16:49 from Farringdon to Mill Hill was on time. By the time I arrived at the station, it had been cancelled. The next train at 18:05 was late arriving.

Thameslink blamed an earlier train failure. I checked their site and the train had been on time arriving at Blackfriars, where it had terminated. Clearly someone at Thameslink wasn't being 100% honest.

Yet again, I ask when our Mp, Matthew Offord will ask the government to sort the failing franchise out. It seems he just doesn't give a damn. Hi

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