Monday 8 May 2017

Monday Analysis - Election special - Sleepingwalking into a disaster

Theresa May back in the good old days
Remember the good old days? Back when our strong and stable leader was a remainer? Back when it was deemed a disaster to countenance the idea of Brexit? Seems like a very long time ago. Now Brexit means Brexit and Theresa May has reinvented herself as the saviour of Great Britain. She's not actually bothered to say whether she was wrong about supporting remain. In fact she's not really said much about anything. This is the most vacuous election in the history of  the world. Her only two policies are that  is that she's  "Strong and Stable" and she's not Jeremy Corbyn. She says she's the only one to lead us in the negotiations, but claims she needs a blank cheque. She can't tell us what she wants because then Europe will know how to thwart us. Is that strong leadership? To me that is being deceptive.
Tory Election Poster

So what sort of campaign have we got? One built on lies, smoke and mirrors. Let me give an example - Two pictures. One is the latest Conservative election poster. This claims that under Corbyn 'the army wouldn't have any bombs'. It shows a picture of Jeremy Corbyn with a large bomb, of the type normally dropped from a plane. One could be pedantic and point out that it's the RAF not the Army that drop bombs. On might wonder whether anyone in Labour has actually noticed this error. But there is something even more dishonst about this poster.

HMS Queen Elizabeth
The second picture is the new Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier Queen Elizabeth II. Due to a decision by the Conservatives, the Royal Navy had to scrap all of their Sea Harriers. This means that our Navy has no planes for its aircraft carrier. So wheras before the Tories came to power the Navy could drop bombs on anyone threatening the UK, now  it cannot drop any bombs on ISIS or anyone else who is a threat to the UK. As such it is totally hypocritical to publish such a poster. So we have a poster that claims Corbyn will remove air dropped bombs that the Army don't have, whilst stripping the navy of the their bombing capacity and as to the RAF? Well one suspect they are the next service to be decimated, regardless of who wins. I've not seen any party talking of bolstering the RAF or improving its operational capability, despite the fact that it is the sevice which leads the way in all our proxy wars.

This is the level of misleading nonsense we are being forced to suffer. Strong and Stable? Do me a favour. We are sleepwalking into a disaster.

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