Tuesday 30 May 2017

Paxman leadership debate - The Theresa May car crash recovery operation

Did you watch the "Leadership debate" last night? It was actually quite hilarious. I don't know too many things about Jeremy Paxman, but I know for a fact he went home and carved another notch on his bedstead for a comprehensive destruction of Theresa May, to add to the list of hapless Tories who have not been prepared for a mauling. You can always tell when a politician in a campaign has had a crash, because twitter is abuzz with "Black is White" tweets from their supporters. With Theresa May, the abiding impression I got, was that I'd hate to be behind her in a queue at McDonalds if she was asked "would you like fries with that?". You'd be very hungry by the time she answered. What is hilarious is how the way leadng Tories have blamed Paxman, claiming rather ridiculously that he is a neo Corbynite. Doesn't it occur to the Tory Tweeters that they just look stupid? They'd be far better off not mentioning the performance at all. Anyway, here for your enjoyment are a few of the best Tory Tweets. Quite hilarious and they make 100% clear their boss comprehensively lost. For that we are all eternally grateful?

However the funniest of the lot was clearly from Boris, who clearly didn't watch the Paxman bit! Well done Boris, Have I Got News For You beckons. 

Someone should really have a word with them and tell them that it really doesn't help the cause!

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CalvinCasino said...

Now we have learned that Mrs May will not attend for BBC 7 way leaders debate. We knew that she is a chicken.


At least I reported about on my website (Calvin's GE 2017 report).