Monday 1 May 2017

Brian Coleman on slags off political lightweights and criminals on Twitter

Brian Coleman - A true heavyweight politician
I am about to break my new years resolution. I had promised myself that as Brian Coleman is no longer an active politician, it was pointless writing blogs about him. However, I hadn't anticipated that there would be a general election this year, or that Coleman would spend the campaign posting nasty tweets about all and sundry. So as it's a bank holiday, I thought I'd make an exception. And the main reason is because Brian seems completely oblivious to the delicious irony of what he's been tweeting. So lets start with Brian's tweet. It was posted in response to a rather nice tweet by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, congratulating local lad Anthony Joshua on turning his life around, becoming the Heavyweight boxing champion of the world and beating the greatest champion for a generation on Saturday.

If you are new to the area, you may wonder what Mr Coleman has on his CV to call the man with the biggest electoral mandate in the country a lightweight? Well Mr Coleman himself was once a politician. Here is the results of this monumental heavyweights last election campaign.

Totteridge Ward results

Yep, a whacking great 265 votes, finishing 11th out of thirteen candidates. Of course Brian knows a bit about throwing a few punches and getting convictions, doesn't he? Back in 2013, he was convicted of beating local Cafe Owner Helen Michael, after an unprovoked assault in North Finchley.

Mr Coleman's Twitter profile lists him as "Political Consultant and Commentator. Local Government Expert, Some time Politician , Rotarian, Methodist and True Conservative."

I think Anthony Joshua is a truly magnificent person. Like many young people, his life went off the rails, but by sheer hard work, he has pulled himself up and shown that hard work and dedication are the way to succeed in life. He is now a multi millionaire and many youngsters who may be going off the rails, will hopefully be inspired by his example. As for Mr Coleman, he didn't have Anthony Joshua's excuse of youthful stupidity, he was 50 when he attacked Ms Michael. Unlike Anthony Joshua, he's never once admitted that he was even wrong to assault Helen Michael. He has previously tweeted that he was "Set up"

I've never quite figured out how Coleman thought Helen Michael could entice him to park illegally by the HSBC ATM, and force him to assault her. After the assault, he spent six months lying about the assault, despite there being CCTV footage of the awful attack. He changed his plea on the day of the trial to guilty. Isn't it sad that this rather narcissistic individual can't find the generosity in his heart to recognise the achievement of Anthony Joshua. I suspect that because he has never publicly acknowledged that he was wrong to attack Helen Michael, he can't understand that Anthony Joshua has grown up and turned into a national treasure, loved by everyone (except Brian perhaps).

I watched the fight in Mill Hill Services Club, which was packed for the event. It was a brilliant atmosphere and the place erupted with joy when Joshua won after a truly heroic effort. He didn't just "throw a few punches", he was out on his feet in the 6th round, nearly defeated by one of the worlds great warriors. Both before and after the fight, Joshua (and his opponent) behaved with great dignity and respect. No trash talk, cheap jibes or silly antics. Just a quiet confidence from both men that as true champions, they would put on a spectacle and give the viewers value for money. Joshua sets a great example and we are lucky to have such a great British champion from our corner of London. I just find it rather sad that Brian can't join in the fun and show some good grace. I suspect that is why Sadiq Khan is a heavyweight politician, who commands respect across the political spectrum and Brian finishes 11th out of 13 in Totteridge.

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