Thursday 18 May 2017

The Tory manfesto spells the end of a secure old age and the bank of Mum and Dad

If, like me, you are in your 50's, you've got teenage kids and you are not a billionaire, then this Tory manifesto is perhaps the scariest thing you will ever see. With all of us living longer, we are all likely to need some degree of care at the end of our lives. Under the existing arrangements, care at home is largely provided by local authorities. This means that when people pass away, their estate often goes to pay for home deposits etc for their children and grandchildren. The Tory manifesto will spell the end of this. It seems that all but the last £100,000 will be grabbed to pay for this care. I've got three children, so they'd get £33,000 each, which would not even pay for the deposit on the house I live in. Over the course of myworking life, I estimate I've paid nearly £2 million in taxes one way or another. All of this counts for nothing in the eyes of the Tory party, who's sole purpose of existance is to keep the taxes of billionaires low. I've tried to be careful, invest wisely and hope to leave some dosh for my kids. Now I find out that despite all of the tax I've paid, my estate will be asset stripped by the Tories, should I need some care. We are not talking about people who have been profligate, spent every penny as they go. They will be unaffected. We are talking about people who have tried to do the right thing. The right wing press will scream "why should the rest of us pay for old codgers care". Well hang on. Tell me where the £2 million I've paid on tax already has been spent? It certainly hasn't been spent on me. I've already paid ten the price and now I have to pay again. I'm not unique, every middle class person who has been sensible and hard working is faced with the same threat.

It is also clear from their manifesto that they will abandon the "triple lock", so not only will they asset strip our estates, our pensions will fall in real terms.

However much you fear and hate Labour or the Lib Dems, the truth is that if you don't want your familys future security robbed to pay for tax cuts for mega rich, you'd damn well better hold your nose and vote for them. The Tories have seen the current political situation as a massive opportunity to do a huge grab on the wealth of the "Just about coping". If you don't believe me, read the Tory manifesto.

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CalvinCasino said...

I find Tory manifesto 2017 meaningless & more of the same. If they do win an election next month, they'll do it again by breaking 2017 manifesto promises like they did broke their 2015 manifesto promises: no cuts to child tax credits, remain in the EU single market, no increase in VAT & NI, etc. Broken by the Tories.