Sunday 21 May 2017

The Tweets of The week in The London Borough of Barnet - North Finchley Festival Special

Today is a Tweets of the Week with a difference! Our ten top tweets are all from day one of The North Finchley Festival, which has been a cracking success!

1. The N12 Community Choir kicked off the day at The Bohemia. A hugely populare start!

2.Down the road, The Elephant Inn was having fun with Kid Wondr was the first act!

3. Julia Hines rather liked The Rocking Bones at The Bohemia! All the excitement was too much, so she then needed to chill with some lovely piano from Lola Parrin!

4.Angie A was Awesome at Cafe Buzz!

5. Alan Evans enjoyed Rolling Exile and Rangoon at The Elephant Inn!

6. John Keogh rather enjoyed The False Dots at The Bohemia!

7.We had a Blast with San Blas at the Bohemia!

8. Alan Schneiderman was enjoying the food and the music in North Finchley!

9. Mr Reasonable was enjoying Tim Leffman at Cafe Buzz!

10.And Yours Truly got around a bit as well!

Thats all folks, but see you later today for day two!

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