Friday 12 May 2017

The False Dots and The Silencerz to Headline North Finchley Music Fest 20-21 May

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 There is some great news. The full line up for the North Finchley Music Festival has been announced, for the weekend 20-21 May. There are some amazing musicians at Six great venues and best of all, it is all free.There is probably just about every genre of music represented over the weekend and whether you fancy some classical piano, Ska, Reggae, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Swing, Country, to name just a few. Please check the full list and click a few links!

Many thanks to Barnet Council for the generous grant to make it all possible and allow such an incredible line up of varied acts to perform.

The False Dots
The headline act on Saturday 20th at The Bohemia are legendary Mill Hill band The False Dots, who will be releasing a new album, Songs of Love and war later this year and will be previewing their recently recorded single "Saturday" which celebrates football fans, dodgy burgers, bad refereeing decisions and crowded train journeys!. They also do more tender numbers like "Winter in Your Heart" (and feature the Barnet Eye's own Rog on guitar, so please come down and say Hi).

On Sunday 21st, there is a real treat with Lee Thompson of Madness & his son Daley's band the Silencerz.  They play an amazing mix of Ska, Reggae and Rock and Roll classics. If a bit of Prince Buster, Ian Dury and The Allman Brothers floats your boat, then don't miss out.

Here is the full line up (with a few links to tempt you!)

Music line up for North Finchley Festival

Café Buzz

Saturday 20th May 2017
13:00 Lawrence Estrey                   Classical Piano         
13:40 Alex Sarychkin                       Accoustic Guitar     
14:20 ROGER GRECH                       Vocalist
15:00 Angie A                                     Jazz/Swing vocals with backing track
15:40 Lola Perrin                               Classical jazz piano 
Sunday 21st May 2017
13:40     Nathalie Lindi                     pop                              
14:20     The Tarns                            Indie Folk duo acoustic Facebook / The Tarns, plus soundcloud/the tarns
15:00     The Beverlee Bros          
15:40     Amelie Dirks                       Alternative Pop
16:20     Ahmed Hachchad            Spanish Guitar

M’s Place

Saturday 20th May 2017
13:00     Radfax  (Trevor)              Beatles covers  
14:20     Geoff Carne                     Solo Acoustic
15:00     Kassandra Idi                   R&B             
15:40     Ahmed Hachchad            Spanish guitar
Sunday 21st May 2017
13:00     Sassy and Cellar              Jazz              
14:20     Jo Peska                          Guitar pop                
15:00     Meet George Brown      Indie Folk                  
15:40     Sally Rushbrook                                Jazz and blues duo         
14:20 The Fabulous Micky C         Rock            

Chix Chox
Saturday 20th May 2017
13:00     Leigh-Ann Smith               Vocals                         
14:20     Tim Leffman                       Acoustic rock                     Tim Leffman links to music on Spotify
15:00     Eduardo Giusto                 Accoustic                   
Sunday 21st May 2017
13:00     Farhan Mannan                Indie Pop
13:40     Tuomo Karjalainen          Jazzy guitar solo      
14:20     Natalie Miranda                Soul Pop                    
15:00     James D                               Accoustic vocalist               

The Bohemia

Saturday 20th May 2017
13:00                     N12 Choir                                            Choir
14:30                     Rocking Bones                                   Teen Rock
16:00                     Riff Raff Blues                                    Blues & Rock
17:30                     The Apricot Hounds        Folk   (awaiting confirmation)
19:00                     CSA                                                     Rock                     
20:30                     Gate                                                     Heavy rock
22:00                     False Dots                                           Rock
23:30                     San Blas                                              Alt Rock
Sunday 21st May 2017
14:00                     The Joys of Singing                           Choir – ground floor
14:30                     Chloe Corpse                                     New Romantic
15:30                     Love for Sale                                     Jazz Blues
17:30                     FBI                                                     Rock covers – 30 min
18:30                     Lowly Hounds                                    Rock
20:00                     The Swagger                                      Indie/pop
21:30                     The Silencerz                                     Ska Reggae
22:45                     Kado                                                  Jazz funk soul

The Elephant

Saturday 20th May 2017
14:30                     WondRWomN               Hip Hop                      
16:00                    Carousel Ensemble         Jazz
19:00                     Rollingexile                   Rock
20:30                     Static                              Rock            
22:00                     Rangoon                        Country R&B
Sunday 21st May 2017
17:00                     W3 Detour                                      Country R&B
18:30                     Hoedown Band                               Country
20:00                     Engine Room                                  Rock covers
21:30                     Hokum                                            R&B                   Hokum Blues Band Barnet: see Facebook   
Saturday 20th May 2017               
21:30                     Red Herring                        Rock

Sunday 21st May 2017
20:00                     John Joe Shields               Irish Country

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