Thursday 5 July 2018

The #KickOutCapita and Barnet Wall Launch Party - Friday 13th July at The Midland Hotel in Hendon

The evening is our #KickOutCapita Launch Party features the Official Launch of The Barnet Wall, which will be touring the High Streets of Barnet and we will be taking to the Houses of Parliament as part of our campaign to demonstrate that Barnet says #KickOutCAPITA

#KickOutCapita T-shirts will be on sale and we will be filming people having their say about what they think of Capita as they pin their messages to The Barnet Wall.

The False Dots
The evening will feature live music from Mill Hill's finest, The False Dots, who are now celebrating their 39th year who feature Barneteye blogger Rog T on Guitar, Allen Ashley on Vocals, the awesome Fil Ross on bass and Gray Ramsey on Drums and Brentford-based "Republic of Brentford" a mash up the of clashing influences from Johnny Cash to Punk to Kraftwerk with violins. With Rob Tasker: vocals, guitar, bass; Catherine Lemmon: violin; David Leystar: bass, guitar; Bob Floyd: drums, cajon; Steve Johnson: percussion, cajon. This evening promises to be special!

Have a listen to the False Dots here.

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