Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Tweets of The Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 22/07/18

Hi Y'all. I hope you are enjoying the warm weather. What an odd year it has been? It is strange to think that back in March we were shivering under the chill of the beast from the east! I was looking back at some of my favourite tweets of the year and it seems bizarre that this was a mere four months ago! Do you remember that feeling that summer would never come!

Anyway, this is the tweets of the week, not the tweets from four months ago, so I hope you'll forgive that little diversion! It's full on Summer madness here! Don't forget to follow any of these marvellous tweeters who tickle your fancy.

1. One of the less appreciated traditions in Mill Hill is the spectacle of Mill Hill County High School leavers trashing the park and causing mayhem. With the snow gone, Arrendene has become bone dry. What sort of an idiot would do this? It could have set the whole place on fire. I really hope that the parents of these kids read them the riot act

2. Another sorry sign of summer in Mill Hill. Angel pond dried out and looking terrible

3. We were told that the summer would see an end to Potholes in the Borough. Sadly not

4. On a happier note, canine frolics in Chandos Park. We love a good dog show!

5. Looking for something to do with the kids tomorrow. This looks absolutely brilliant. I quite fancy going myself!

6. Finchley filmmakers are predicting a chilly September!

7. Some good friends of ours getting some well deserved recognition in the Barnet First magazine

8. Talking of friends of ours, The Chandos Arms is launching an Open mic night in September, be there or be square!

9. And if you like amazing Jazz in a brilliant setting, checkout the Mill Hill Jazz Club. There is loads of parking, drinks are very reasonably priced and the music is top notch

10. Amazing young people all over the UK are participating in the National Citizenship Scheme (NCS). A very lucky group in Mill Hill got a studio tour at Londons Leading Independent studios. We hear to many negatives about young people. It was a pleasure for me to meet them, do a Q&A and advise them on their Dragons Den pitch!

That's all folks!

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