Sunday, 29 July 2018

Brexit and the NHS

Here’s a few questions for you? What is the largest employer in Western Europe? What organisation has the most buying power when dealing with pharmaceutical companies? What organisation delivers healthcare most economically and fairly? I suppose you’ve guessed the answer. For decades those on the right in the USA have despised the NHS. They hate the fact that there is no potential for profit. They see it as a monopoly that stifles the market (ie their  profits). The big US pharma companies hate its ability to leverage deals. The US health insurers hate that it does a better and fairer job at around half the cost.

Who is the champion of #Brexit in the USA? Donald Trump. He is on record as hating the NHS. Who is the new foreign secretary? None other than Jeremy Hunt, former health secretary. His record at the NHS speaks for itself. It is clear to anyone with any knowledge of what the USA is seeking from a post #Brexit trade deal that access to UK health markets is top of the list, there is fortune to be made. Hunts appointment is no coincidence.

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