Sunday 8 July 2018

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet

So what is happening in our little corner of paradise. Here is the view through the eyes of our local tweeters.

1. This is appalling, the Financial Times runs a report on just how awful the High Street in Burnt Oak has become. The council and the local councillors should hang their heads in shame. I remember when Burnt Oak had a cinema, a department store, a thriving market, a Woolworths and a thriving high street. It has excellent connections to central London. This really should not be happening.

2. If this isn't sorted out soon, Mill Hill will be following suit.

3. Then again, there is some great music in Mill Hill on Weds, if you want something to do instead of or after the Footie!

4. Anyone know anything about this little bit of Finchley local history?

5. This is an excellent tweet for all you doggie walkers. And if you don't have a doggie and just love a nice walk it is also a great tweet!

6. Lovely tweet from East Barnet Police

7. If you like your local history, then this is deffo a tweet you should be interested in!

8. We always like a good community magazine

9. If we want a better environment, we really shouldn't stand for this!

10. It's always nice to be appreciated!

++++ That's all folks

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