Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Some great local history for Mill Hill and Edgware

Let me let you in on a little secret. People often ask me about the ridiculous amount of energy I put into this blog. I am often asked "What do you get out of its?". I've got many things, but perhaps the best is that I've made contact with some amazing people. Most of them I've never met, some I never will, but they make it all worthwhile and the feedback I get through engagement has made the blog so much better than if it was me in a bubble. Today was just one example.

One of the best people I've made contact with and have had a fair few jars with over the last couple of years is our Mill Hill expert Richard Wilkinson. Last we he posted a brilliant quiz, which got a massive respons. It is the second most read blog on this site in the last month. What is even better is it has got some great engagements, unearthing more interesting nuggets. This reply from Denis H was a classic example. Denis was kind enough to post a link

I had a look at the page and there are some great shots uploaded of Mill Hill. I would really recommend a look at this site. The shots of the Old Post Office and Milespit Hill are rather wonderful

Click to go to Reel Streets site
I did a search on NW7 and there is quite a list. It is well worth a look (Click here for full list

Another account I have come across, and I now consider the author to be a friend is the rather wonderful @Time_NW account, which is the work of Mark Amies. This week he published a rather good series of tweets about the now demolished and much mussed Leather Bottle pub in Edgware.

Now one interesting thing that you can do, is when you find out two such interesting pieces of information, you can cross reference them. As Mark's research indicated that the Leather Bottle had been used as a location in Kubricks Clockwork Orange, I thought I'd check up Reelstreets. I was fascinated to find that The Edgwarebury Hotel was a major location. It made me laugh as it was the venue of choice when we  used to take my mother in law out for dinner. Have a look -

When people say "I don't do social media" or "There's nothing of interest on Twitter" they clearly don't really know what they are talking about. There is loads of great content out there, it is just sad that a few shouty individuals sometime make a bit too much noise. My advice is to block them and simply follow people who have something sensible to post.

It is amazing what you can find out about your locality!

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